23 Oct 2019

Category: Company News

The Benefits of Hot Water Taps in Co-Working Spaces

When you think of hot water taps, you may think of your home, but this technology is being utilised in ...

15 Oct 2019

Category: Company News

Do Luxury Workplaces Create More Productivity?

From Google’s in-house slide to the Pinterest pix&mix shop; luxury workplaces are becoming a norm. But the question begs, are ...

08 Oct 2019

Category: Company News

The Health Benefits of Charcoal Infused Water

At Billi, we love revealing how you can infuse your still or sparkling water to make hydration more enjoyable. With ...

07 Oct 2019

Category: Company News

Why Aren’t We Drinking Enough Water?

In a recent survey by Britvic, 62% of people admit to not drinking enough water.  Shockingly, 20% of participants in the ...

25 Sep 2019

Category: Company News

12 Water-Rich Foods You Should Snack On

According to a recent study by Robinson’s 52% of Brits think drinking water is boring. With this in mind, we ...